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Waterman Pens, synonymous with rich class, are highly acclaimed for their luxuriously innovative designs across the world. The French writing instruments major has its origin a long way back in 1883. The iconic company is renowned for manufacturing fountain pens across the globe.

A mix of distinctive style, elegant design and excellent craftsmanship, Waterman pens have revolutionized the writing instruments industry over the years. Waterman made its entry in Indian market more than decade ago. Luxor Group introduced the world renowned brand in India in 2003. The popular brand carried on its success story in India as well. Symbol of richness and status, Waterman has a class apart among all writing instruments brands in the world.



Around 130 years ago, a gentleman’s pen stopped working when he was finalizing a huge business deal. He lost the deal fortunately as the world had to see the beginning of a revolution in the writing instruments industry. Lewis Edson Waterman, the gentleman, then decided to make a pen with continuous supply of the ink, and the first fountain pen of the world came into existence.

Started as Ideal Pen Company, the brand was renamed to L.E Waterman Company in 1886. The winner of ‘medal for excellence’ at Paris World Exhibition in 1900, Waterman’s history has gone through several golden moments.

  • In 1915, British Prime Minister Lloyd George signed the ‘Treaty of Versailles’ with a golden Waterman fountain pen.
  • The brand introduced Waterman 100 in 1939, a highly durable pen with a guarantee of 100 years.
  • Waterman launched its first ball pen Panta Bille in 1947 with four interchangeable colours.
  • In 1975, Waterman made it to the Paris Stock Exchange.
  • Gillette Group acquired Waterman in 1987 to speed up its global expansion.
  • Waterman launched the Edson, a revolutionary fountain pen with elliptical shape and curiously futuristic design and shape. The pen was named after its founder Lewis Edson Waterman.
  • In 1999, Waterman Serenite, an exceptionally beautiful pen in terms of design, was launched.
  • American group Newell Rubbermaid acquired the Waterman in 2000. The group still owns the brand.
  • Luxor launched the Waterman brand in India in 2003.
  • Waterman Exception (2005), Waterman Ici and La (2005) and Edson 125 (2008) launched.

L.E Waterman died in 1901. His nephew Frank D. Waterman led the brand to its global expansion. Under his leadership, the brand focused majorly on Quality, Durability and Reliability.



We have been symbolized with status in our 130 years of history. Being one of oldest writing instruments brands in the world, Waterman promises to create iconically beautiful and exceptionally stylish pens. Our philosophy is driven by quality and imagination, sensuality and sophistication and thus promises the French elegance in all our products.

Waterman’s remarkable history has been married to innovation and excellent craftsmanship. The brand has been the address for one of the costliest pens in the world and vows to bring many more.