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Luxor carries the legacy of being the premier writing instruments brand of India. Established in 1963, Luxor is one of the most loved pen brands in the country. Renowned for manufacturing writing instruments for all age groups, Luxor brings durability, reliability and finest craftsmanship to all its products.

Late Mr. D.K Jain visioned the bright future of writing instruments industry in India around five decades ago. He dreamt of making India a global leader in the industry.

Over the years, hard-work, innovation and consistent improvement have made Luxor a global Indian brand today. He led Luxor to the new heights of international success by launching brands like arker and Waterman in India.

With manufacturing facilities and retail outlets across the nation, Luxor is one of the most accessible writing instruments brands in the country with huge range of Ball Pens, Gel Pens, Metal Pens, Temporary and Permanent Markers, Highlighters, Whiteboard Markers, Sketch Pens, Pencils, Notebooks etc.

India’s largest exporter of writing instruments, Luxor has presence in 83 countries making it massively popular across the globe.



Luxor started his historical journey of becoming India’s leading writing instruments brand around fifty years ago under Late Mr. D.K Jain’s leadership. From the streets of Old Delhi to the international markets, Luxor has given many golden moments to the writing instruments industry of India.
  • Luxor introduced Fibre-tip and Roller Ball Pens in India in 1975.
  • Luxor further introduced permanent markers, highlighters, dry safe ink markers in 1986 to advance the writing instruments industry in India.
  • Luxor launched the world famous American pen brand Parker in India in 1996. With Parker, premium luxury pens made their entry in the Indian market.
  • Luxor’s status touched new heights with the launch of Waterman Pens in 2003.
  • The brand launched its premium range of stationery products in 2007.

Luxor was the first writing instruments brand who initiated the celebrity endorsement in the industry in 60s. Though it wasn’t popular that time but Luxor did quite well with advertisements. As the only Superbrand in the industry, Luxor carried some responsibilities towards national development as well. The brand promoted Literacy for All, a programme to spread education awareness in the country.



Luxor’s inception was the vision of Late Mr. D.K Jain. He changed the way writing instruments were perceived in India. Mr. Jain considered making pens a noble cause and changed the Indian writing. Creating trust among customers and clients through quality products has been Luxor’s motive in fifty years history.

India’s Superbrand doesn’t believe in working as a typical corporate house but it understands its responsibilities towards people. Luxor connects with the all age groups of the country through its vast collection. Customer satisfaction always comes at priority at Luxor.

The brand also understands its social responsibilities and thus contributes to the society welfare through Luxor Foundation, a charitable trust initiated by Late Mr. D.K Jain.

Committed to quality since its inception, Luxor leads the writing in India through its school activation programmes. The brand organizes writing, drawing and painting competitions to inspire young minds.