Parker Vector Special Edition Triple Ct Diwali

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Ganesh Is One Of The Deities Best-Known And Most Widely Worshipped In The Hindu Pantheon Lord Ganesh Is Worshipped At The Start Of Any Work , Ganesh Is Considered To Be The Lord Who Removes Worries Or Problems ( Vignam ) Saraswati Is The Goddess Of Leaming, Knowledge, And Wisdom. The Sanskrit Word Sara Means "Essence" And Swa Means "Self." Thus Saraswati Means "The Essence Of The Self. Goddess Saraswati Is Worshipped By All Persons Interested In Knowledge, Especially Students, Teachers, Scholars, And Scientists. Goddess Lakshmi Means Good Luck To Hindus. The Word Lakshmi Is Derived From The Sanskrit Word Laksya, Meaning Aim Or Goal, And She Is The Goddess Of Wealth And Prosperity, Both Material And Spiritual. Parker Is Introducing A Special Edition Parker Vector Standard Triple Ct Pen Set Which Is Comprised With An Elegantly Designed Lord Saraswati Imprinted On Ball Pen, Lord Ganesha Imprinted On Rollar Ball Pen And Lord Laxmi Imprinted On Fountain Pen. Moulded Plastic Barrel & Cap In High Gloss Colours With Contrasting Stainless Steel Or Chrome Trim. Fitted With Stainless Steel Nib Standard Nib Grades Available In Fine And Medium. Fitted With Twin-Channelled Ink Feed And Collector System. For Use With Ink Cartridges Or Convertible To Ink Bottle Filling. Cap On / Cap Off Supplied With Standard Roller Ball Refill With Navigator Technology. Cap Action Fitted With Standard Ball Point Refill.

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