Parker Vector Metallix Roller Ball Pen Red+SwiSS Knife

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The Parker Vector Mettalix Ct Roller Ball Pen Is Stylish Pen That Cleverly Combines Stylish Looks With A Retro Design. The Streamlined Body Of The Parker Pen Tapers At The Writing End And Provides A Strong Grip To Write With. The Combination Of Black Body With The Silver Cap Looks Very Elegant And Trendy. You Get A Free Multi-Purpose Swiss Knife With This Parker Pen.The Shiny Cap Of This Vector Mettalix Roller Ball Pen Comes With An Arrow-Shaped Clip Attached To It. You Can Easily Hook The Pen To Your Shirt Pocket When It Is Not Being Used. The Parker Brand Name Crafted At The Base Of The Cap Adds More Panache To The Overall Design Of This Pen. The Glossy Finish On The Surface Of The Mettalix Roller Ball Pen Looks Striking.The Parker Vector Ct Pen Comes With A Replaceable Roller Ball Refill That Can Be Easily Removed And Exchanged With A New One When It Runs Out Of Ink. The Strong Tip Of This Parker Ct Pen Writes Fine Lines And Helps In Improving Your Handwriting. The Continuous Flow Of Blue Ink From The Parker Pen Makes Sure That You Get An Uninterrupted Writing Experience When Working On Long Scripts.The Ergonomic Design Of The Parker Pen Allows You To Write For Hours At A Stretch Without Causing Any Stress On Your Hands. The Vector Mettalix Ct Pen Comes In Blister Packaging Which Keeps It Safe From Getting Damaged. The Parker Vector Mettalix Ct Pen Is One Of The Most Popular Models In The ParkerS Line Of Writing Instruments

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